Silicon render

Interior Design

Exceptional benefits of Silicon render

Rendering your building exterior and exposed walls is great for protection and is a barrier from the outside world and ensures your brickwork remains unaffected With the passage of time exposed brickwork will get damaged and is under a constant state of attack from the elements. Solid brick walls are liable to issues from penetrating damp, where water seeps through the brickwork. Putting a render finish on the wall will help stop this and ensure that penetrating damp is not an issue through the brick. With rendering you can freshen up even the roughest looking and tired exterior walls and make them look modern. Silicone render is a top of the range system that has several fantastic advantages. it is the most flexible system on the market. It is the easiest system to apply. it is hydrophobic (which makes it a self-cleaning render). It is anti-cracking, highly durable and breathable as well, It provides an excellent weather and ageing resistance, resistance to the low and increased temperature. It is available in different shades and colours.